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Mortgage Brokers Gaining Popularity

Financing a home purchase can be a very stressful experience for homebuyers. Many homebuyers turn to a mortgage broker to save time and increase their options; brokers can help you whether you are purchasing a home or refinancing your current mortgage loan. The mortgage broker industry in becoming more popular; mortgage brokers typically introduce the majority of new mortgage loan programs. According to a recent survey, about 65 percent of home loans originate with brokers; this percentage is rising as homeowners today are pressured with time constraints and stress. Banks still remain the main lending choice for a mortgage loan; however mortgage brokers are overstepping credit unions as the second source of a mortgage loan.

If you finance your mortgage through a credit union for instance, you are only going to be sold that particular credit union’s mortgage product. However, with a mortgage broker, they establish relationships with a great number of lenders. Once the broker you are working with is aware of what your loan requirements that person can help you find the right loan. Most homeowners don’t have enough time on their hands to do the shopping necessary to find the best mortgage loan for their situation.

A word of caution: Do your homework before consulting a mortgage broker. As with any other service, one bad apple can cause a lot of bad publicity for the mortgage broker industry. Make sure you know what the fees will be and if they are in line with market rates for the services you receive. Don’t make the mistake of assuming your broker will be acting with your best interests at hand. Mortgage brokers are selling a product and receive their fees as a commission for what they sell. While there is nothing evil about being paid on commission, homeowners should be careful when using a broker to secure a mortgage loan. Like any other purchase you make, it pays to shop around when choosing a mortgage broker.

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