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California Mortgage Refinance – Beware Computerized Loan Origination Fees

If you are in the process of refinancing your California home mortgage on the Internet, Computerized Origination fees could cost you as much as $1,300 for your new loan. This happens to homeowners who do not read disclosure statements found on many of the mortgage sites found online. When shopping for a new California mortgage loan you can find the fees disclosed in the licenses and disclosure statements found on the bottom of many of these sites.

What is a Computerized Loan Origination fees? Many of the sites you visit have absolutely nothing to do with mortgage loans. These are businesses that make money generating leads for mortgage companies. They put up a website to collect your contact information and sell “leads” to the highest bidder. There’s nothing wrong with lead generation sites when the fee is paid by the mortgage company or broker; however, many mortgage lenders pass the fee on to you at closing.

One example of a site that charges you the Computerized Loan Origination fee with your California mortgage is Lending Tree. If you look at the licenses & disclosure statement found on Lending Tree’s website you’ll find that Lending Tree receives as much as $1,300 for selling your information. The bad news is that the lender passes this fee on to you. If you refinance your California home loan with one of the lenders in Lending Tree’s “network,” the Computerized Loan Origination fee will appear on your Good Faith Estimate and you’ll be required to pay it at closing.

You can learn more about refinancing your California mortgage without overpaying with our free mortgage tutorial.

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