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Beware Internet Mortgage Scams

Beware Mortgage ScamsThe Internet is an excellent tool for refinancing your home mortgage and can save you thousands of dollars; however, you need to know that big named mortgage companies run scams online every day. These are companies you see advertising on television and if you’re not careful you could overpay thousands of dollars for your next mortgage. Here are several tips to help you protect yourself when refinancing your home loan on the Internet.

When Lenders Compete You Lose

Have you seen those commercials on television about making banks compete for your business when taking out a mortgage? It sounds great…mortgage loans are a fiercely competitive industry and anything that gets lenders competing for your business can’t be a bad thing right? Wrong!

What is Lending Tree Really?

The first thing you need to know about Lending Tree is that they are not a mortgage lender and actually have nothing to do with mortgage loans whatsoever. Lending Tree and many of the other big named sites you see on the Internet are simply lead generation sites. They put up a flashy website, advertise on television, and sell your information to the four highest bidders. Lenders are competing for your personal information, not your business. Once these lenders have your information you will start receiving phone calls and emails soliciting mortgage loans.

The fact that you have lenders calling you isn’t really the problem with lending tree. The real problem comes from the fee they slip into your loan without your knowledge. Lending Tree for example tells you that they do not charge you a fee for using their service; however, the fine print says otherwise.

Always Read The Licenses & Disclosure Pages

If you read the fine print on Lending Tree’s Access and Disclosure statement you will find that while Lending Tree Claims they are not charging you a fee for their services, you will have a charge on your Good Faith Estimate that will be paid to them by the lender. Because you’re paying the lender the fee for Lending Tree they claim their service is free to use; however, the money still comes out of your pocket even if it’s being paid by the lender. This is only the tip of the deceptive advertising.

Reading further on this Licenses and Disclosure page reveals not only will you be charged a fee for filling out the form on Lending Tree’s website but this fee will be as much as $1,300. That’s $1,300 you’ll have to pay just for filling out your name and address on Lending Tree’s form!

Not only is this deceptive advertising on Lending Tree’s part but this is a ridicules fee to charge someone for selling their information to the highest bidder. Lending Tree had a class action lawsuit filed in 2006 for unfair business practices and deceptive advertising. Is this a company you want involved with your next mortgage loan? You can learn more about protecting yourself from predatory lending practices when refinancing and ways to save money in the process register for a free mortgage DVD.

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