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Got a Home Loan in Virginia?
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How to Negotiate With Your Mortgage Broker Today

mortgage-broker.jpgIf you’re in the process of refinancing your home you can save yourself thousands of dollars by getting a wholesale mortgage rate.

The problem for many homeowners is that that they don’t know how get wholesale rates; most mortgage brokers would simply laugh at you if you told them “give me a wholesale mortgage rate.”

Here are several tips to help you negotiate with mortgage brokers and find the right person to arrange your home loan.

Not Every Mortgage Broker Will Negotiate

The problem with negotiating with a broker is that not all brokers are in a position where they can negotiate. If you’re speaking to a salesperson from a large brokerage house they will probably not have the authority to negotiate for the terms you’re looking for. The reason for this is that the owner of the brokerage will be splitting the commission with the salesperson meaning you’ll always pay more than you have to with a mortgage broker in this situation.

This is also true of mortgage brokers that employ their own salespeople. Suppose for instance, you’re charged a one percent origination fee for your home loan. Your broker pockets this fee and will most often pay the salesperson from the Yield Spread Premium on your loan. Loan offers that don’t have origination fees are making up the difference often by doubling the amount of Yield Spread Premium on your loan. If you want a wholesale mortgage rate and plan on keeping your home for a long time you’ll need to avoid Yield Spread Premium completely.

If you’re not already familiar with this retail markup of your mortgage rate for a commission here is an article about the basics of Yield Spread Premium.

Self Employed Mortgage Brokers Are Best

It’s always better to work with the owner of the company you are dealing with. A self-employed mortgage broker that has been working for ten years or longer is the perfect candidate for arranging your mortgage. Working out of their home? Even better. One reason why working with a self employed mortgage broker is better is that they simply don’t have the overhead expenses that come with posh offices and support staff. A self employed mortgage broker is more likely to negotiate with you and agree to your terms for the loan.

What To Ask For When Refinancing Your Mortgage

If you plan on keeping your home for the duration you’ll want to pay a one percent origination fee without any Yield Spread Premium on the loan. Some mortgage brokers argue that paying the origination fee will only raise your closing costs; however, agreeing to a higher mortgage rate that includes Yield Premium will result in a mortgage payment that could be as much hundreds of dollars higher per month than it has to be.

You can learn more about finding the right mortgage broker to arrange your loan by checking out my free Underground Mortgage Videos. Register today and you’ll learn how to refinance with wholesale mortgage rates without paying junk fees to your lender or broker.

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