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Got a Home Loan in Virginia?
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Mortgage Refinance Resources

RefiAdvisor is a personal finance journal by that covers home mortgage refinancing strategies. Below are some of the posts – most include strategies for getting the lowest refinance rates, insights, principles, case studies as well as guest posts on other reputable blogs which I’ve published since this blog was founded in 2005.

Mortgage Refinance Strategies:

  • Origination Fee – One of the most common mortgage mistakes is overpaying the loan originator (person arranging your home loan) at closing; negotiating to pay less can slash thousands of dollars from your closing costs.
  • How to Read Your HUD-1 Settlement Statement – Home loan documents can be confusing and misleading. Here’s how to cut through lender BS and find the best deal.
  • Underwater Mortgage Refinance – Do you owe more than your home is worth and think refinancing is not an option? There may be help available from the FHA.
  • Can You Break Your Mortgage Rate Lock – Refinance rates drop and you locked too soon? What you can do to get the best refinance rates for your next home loan.

Case Studies:

Mortgage Lender Reviews:

  • Amerisave – Should you trust an industry giant like Amerisave for your next home loan or does this lead to paying lender “sucker fees” wasting thousands of dollars.
  • Top Mortgage Companies – Forbes updates their list of top mortgage companies every year which could provide valuable insight into finding the best lender for your next home loan.

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