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Should You Refinance Your Mortgage?

Should You Refinance?The average homeowner in the United States refinances every four to five years for a variety of different reasons. Many people refinance to lower their mortgage rate; however, consolidating bills or borrowing cash are also good reasons for refinancing. Is mortgage refinancing right for you? Here are several tips to help you decide if mortgage refinancing is right for you.

Are Mortgage Rates on the Rise?

Did you purchase your home with an Adjustable Rate Mortgage and are concerned how rising rates will affect your monthly payment? If this is you, refinancing your mortgage with a fixed rate loan allows you to lock in your mortgage rate and payment amount. You won’t have to worry about payment shock when that statement from the lender arrives after your Adjustable Rate Mortgage resets. If you already have a fixed rate mortgage and rates are rising there are still good reasons for refinancing even if getting a lower mortgage rate isn’t one reason.

Are Your Payments Too Much to Manage?

If your budget is struggling under the weight of your mortgage payment you could get a lower mortgage payment by refinancing even if you cannot get a lower rate. By extending the term length of your new loan you can get a lower payment by spreading your mortgage out over more time. This is a more expensive option as you will pay more to your lender for the financing; however, if you are in a cash crunch refinancing with a longer term length could be your answer.

Is Your Option ARM Headed For Trouble?

Many homeowners used risky option adjustable rate mortgages to purchase their homes because they couldn’t qualify for traditional financing. If you did this and have only been making the minimum payment you’re headed for big trouble. The problem with only making the minimum payment with an Option ARM is that it does not cover all of the interest due in a given month. The unpaid amount of interest is simply added to your mortgage balance each and every month. This means your loan is actually growing over time.

When your loan reaches a certain amount of negative equity, often 125% of your original balance your lender will “recast” your loan to a standard Adjustable Rate Mortgage amortized for the time remaining on your loan contract. Suppose you’ve been making this payment for five years on a thirty year mortgage; your new loan will have a term length of 25 years with a balance of 125% of you borrowed. Your payments will skyrocket. If you’ve barely been making ends meet with the minimum payment amount you’re destined to lose your home to foreclosure when this happens. If this describes your situation, don’t delay…refinance now before it’s too late.

Has Your Financial Situation Improved?

If your finances have improved since purchasing your home you may qualify for a lower mortgage rate. Did you get married and now have two incomes? Did you get a better paying job or pay off some of your debts? If your credit score is higher now than when you purchased your home you could qualify for a much better rate and lower your monthly payment at the same time.

Do You Have Private Mortgage Insurance?

If you used a 100% mortgage loan to purchase your home the lender might have required you to purchase Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) at the time. The premiums for this insurance are included in your monthly payment and can add hundreds of dollars to your bill each month. You can save yourself some money by asking your lender to cancel your insurance; as long as you’ve been making your payments on time and have reached a certain amount of equity in the home the lender will cancel your PMI. If cancelling your PMI is not an option refinancing could save you a hundred dollars each month; even more.

Do You Want to Borrow Cash or Consolidate Bills?

If you have equity in your home this money is available to you for any reason you like. You can use this to pay off high interest credit cards, use the money to renovate or repair your home. Because you’re borrowing against the equity in your home you can use this money for any reason; there are no limits or restrictions on how your use of the cash.

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