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Would You Share Your Credit Score On Facebook?

If you’ve ever been a victim of identity theft this article on The Consumerist will probably make you cringe. Apparently TransUnion, one of the three major credit bureaus, thinks you should and has implemented a Share on Facebook button on their site. Check out this post on The Consumerist blog:

Social media may have created a culture of over-sharing, but what’s too personal to share with your Facebook friends? Michael was checking his credit report, and was surprised to see a “Share on Facebook” button directly below his credit score.

Your credit score is a huge factor used by lenders to determine your risk and therefore how much you’ll pay for financing things like your home mortgage loan. Should you put private financial information like your credit score out there among the ramblings of what your friends had for dinner?

Staying on top of your credit reports is an important task for any homeowner especially if you’re considering a mortgage refi and want the best refinance rates for your next home loan. Does this kind of information really belong on Facebook?

How about you? Would you share your credit score online?

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