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What is Quicken Loans Rate Drop Advantage?

lowest-mortgage-rateYou’ve probably heard of quicken loans, they’re one of the nation’s largest mortgage lenders and have been marketing a feature they call “Rate Drop Advantage.” This slight variation on the no fee refinance offers out there that covers your closing costs if you agree to refinance with Quicken Loans every seven years. Why you would commit to refinancing within a certain timeframe is beyond me; when it comes to closing costs you always have the choice of paying now or paying much more later. Here’s an article about Quicken Loan’s Rate Drop Advantage Program from the TruthAboutMortgage.com.

In short, the program will pay most of your closing costs if you take out a purchase money mortgage or refinance loan with Quicken and then refinance with them again within seven years.

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It seems to me that Quicken loans is gambling that mortgage rates will be much higher in the future, a safe bet considering the Mortgage Banker Association is predicting interest rates will be over six percent soon. Considering that the best refinance rates offered are less than five percent you can almost guarantee a significantly higher payment after refinancing when the program requires.

When you refinance when the program requires you’ll be out-of-pocket for all those same expenses plus you’re giving up the historically low mortgage rates you could be locking in today. It seems to me that Quicken Loans is simply taking advantage of shortsighted homeowners with their deceptively named Rate Drop Advantage program.

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  • elisha July 13, 2018, 1:42 pm

    Can you provide information about Quicken loans Lowest rate guarantee on refinances. Heard ad on radio 100.1 FM that stated if rate is locked, but it drops, homeowner gets benefit of lowest rate. Let me know. Your information is valuable.

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