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Should You Choose No Cost Mortgage Refinance Offers?

No cost mortgage refinance offers seem like a good deal especially with a mortgage broker salivating over lender paid compensation telling you how great they are. You’ll only pay a little extra every month; you won’t notice and pay nothing to the lender at closing Are these no cost mortgage refinance offers really a good deal? Here’s some bad advice from HSH.com to illustrate my point with a recent article entitled “Should I Refinance My Mortgage?”

This particular nugget of bad mortgage advice is written by Tim Manni at hsh.com:

A zero-cost refinance is exactly what it sounds like–it is a refinance for which you pay zero closing costs. But do not confuse “zero cost” with “free.” There is a cost. In exchange for having your closing costs waived in full, your lender will ask you to willingly accept a mortgage rate that is slightly higher than today’s “going rate.”

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So what does this “slight” markup of your mortgage rate do to your monthly payment amount? Don’t kid yourself; there’s nothing “slight” about it. On a $250,000 home loan zero cost mortgage refinancing will cost you another .5%. Suppose you qualify for a 5.0% mortgage refinance if you pay the closing costs yourself. Your payment on this mortgage refinance loan will be $1,342 per month. If you opt for the so-called zero-cost mortgage refinance option and take the higher interest rate at 5.5% your payment goes up to $1,420 per month.

That’s a difference of $78 per month you’re paying extra just to cover a little over $3,000 in closing costs. Now if Tim Manni was writing about a car loan this might make sense; however, we are talking about a 30-year home loan. Let’s do the math: you’re paying $936 a year which after five short years is $4,680 to cover around $3,500 in closing costs?! Tim Manni should sell used cars, don’t you agree? In ten years this balloons up to $9,460…for just over three grand in closing costs. I think you get the point… it’s much better to pay your closing costs upfront when financing something as important as your home loan.

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