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Got a Home Loan in Virginia?
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How to Refinance Your Mortgage Without Overpaying

If you’re considering mortgage refinancing it’s easy to get swept up by historically low-interest rates and overlook fees and closing costs. Common mortgage mistakes made by many homeowners include overpaying the loan origination fee and closing costs or opting for a no fee refinance mortgage without understanding how this affects their payments. Here are several tips before you refi from SmartMoney.com:

Coming out of the financial crisis, millions of homeowners refinanced their homes with record low interest rates. (Well, those who could, at least.) Refinancing accounted for more than half of all mortgage applications from mid-2009 to early 2011. But, even under the temptation of low rates, refinancing isn’t always a no-brainer. Here’s how to figure out if it’s a good move for you:


This is a really great article that covers all the bases you’ll want to consider before mortgage refinancing. If you want the best refinance rates for your next home loan the best approach is to concentrate on finding the right person to arrange your mortgage refi, and not shopping for the best lenders or the lowest rates.

This is where people get caught up in common mortgage mistakes like paying junk fees or unnecessary markup of their interest rate which can add as much as $100 a month to your payments.

You can learn more about getting the best refinance rates while avoiding common mortgage mistakes that can cost you thousands of dollars by checking out my free Underground Mortgage Refinancing Videos.

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