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Got a Home Loan in Virginia?
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Best Mortgage Refinance Rates on the Decline

If you’ve been thinking about taking advantage of today’s best mortgage refinance rates in nearly fifty years, you’ll be happy to know that interest rates are declining again. After a brief spike followed by bad economic news from the jobs report the best mortgage refinance rates are averaging around 4.77 percent according to HSH.com. Keep in mind that the actual refinance rate you’ll qualify depends on a number of factors including your credit so your results may vary. You can read more about today’s best refinance rates at the HSH.com blog:

As we anticipated, mortgage rates declined overall last week: HSH.com’s broad-market mortgage tracker—our weekly Fixed-Rate Mortgage Indicator (FRMI)—found that the overall average rate for 30-year fixed-rate mortgages declined by 11 basis points, moving to an average of 4.77 percent.


Once you’ve decided to go forward with your mortgage refinance you’ll want to pay close attention to the origination fee and closing costs to avoid overpaying. These fees decide how good of a deal you’re getting on your mortgage refi because you have to recoup these expenses with a lower payment amount to get any benefit from refinancing. You can shorten the amount of time it takes to break even by avoiding unnecessary lender fees and paying less for loan origination.

One of the most common mortgage mistakes is neglecting to negotiate fees at closing when on the new home loan. You can learn more about negotiation to pay less while avoiding unnecessary lender fees by checking out my free Underground Mortgage Refinance Videos.

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