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Is Your Mortgage Broker a Loser?

loserRefinancing your mortgage loan with the wrong broker will cost you thousands of dollars and in today’s economy could even result in the loss of your home.

Remember that mortgage brokers are salespeople and come in multiple shapes in sizes with their own personalities. How can you tell if your mortgage broker is a dud? Here are several tips to help you find the right person to refinance your home mortgage.

Beware Endless Chatter

Like any other salesperson the mortgage broker that talks but never listens to you is the wrong person for the job. Dishonest mortgage brokers use never ending banter to distract you from something they may be hiding in your loan contract. Trust your instincts…if your mortgage broker comes across as a sleazy sales type that talks your ear of endlessly without letting you get a word in you should probably find another broker.

Sloppy With Paperwork & Deadlines

Being punctual is essential when it comes to your mortgage loan. If your mortgage broker is sloppy with paperwork it could cost you money. If your mortgage broker tells they will call you at a certain time and does not keep their appointments consider this a bad sign and move on to another mortgage broker.

Inexperience Costs You

When shopping for a mortgage broker it’s always a good idea only to work with those who have ten years of experience or more. If your broker has to consult the underwriter or someone else in the office before responding to your questions consider it a lack of experience and move on. Don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings…you’re not looking to make friends, you want a better mortgage right?

Good Mortgage Brokers Aren’t Hard to Find

The ideal mortgage broker is one that has a minimum of ten years experience, is self employed, and does not employ a sales staff. Finding a mortgage broker that fits this profile working from home is even better. Why? Mortgage brokers with fancy offices and sales staffs have to pay for their plush offices and the salaries of their sales staff.

This means they are going to be much less likely to negotiate fees and things like Yield Spread Premium on your loan. Remember, you’re paying for that fancy office and the hummer parked outside. You can learn more about refinancing your mortgage without paying too much today by registering for our free video tutorial.

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