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Refinancing Mortgage Rates Defined

mortgage ratesIf you are refinancing your home loan, the mortgage rate you receive is one of the most important aspect of your loan. One of the most important aspects of your refinancing mortgage rates is whether or not the person arranging your loan is generating a commission for them self by marking up your mortgage rate. Here are the basics you need to know about mortgage rates when refinancing your mortgage to avoid paying too much.

Mortgage Rates, also referred to as the “Note Rate” is an amount of interest paid to the lender expressed as a percentage of the loan amount

Mortgage rates are the most familiar aspect of refinancing; however, the overwhelming majority of homeowners do not understand how mortgage rates work. In fact, this is so bad in the United States that the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development recently announced that American homeowners will overpay nearly sixteen billion dollars this year alone!

Because your mortgage rate is the means to a better commission by the person arranging the loan most people never get the mortgage rate they deserve. You can refinance with mortgage rates you deserve by investing a little time doing your homework and learning about something called Yield Spread Premium.

Yield Spread Premium and Your Mortgage Rates

The commission paid by a wholesale lender to the person arranging your mortgage is known as Yield Spread Premium. This fee is paid in addition to any origination fees you are already paying, probably even overpaying, for this person’s services in arranging your home loan.

Yield Spread Premium is paid at one percent of your loan amount for every quarter percent your refinancing mortgage rate is marked up. The problem with this markup is that it artificially inflates your monthly payment. To learn more about avoiding this unnecessary inflation of your mortgage payment and other junk fees when refinancing, register for the free videos available on this web site.

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