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Wells Fargo Mortgage Review Part 1

Wells Fargo Mortgage is a division of Wells Fargo Bank, one of the largest banks created following a merger with Norwest bank and is currently the second largest mortgage lender behind Countrywide home loans.

Are you considering refinancing with Wells Fargo Mortgage or do you already have a mortgage from Wells Fargo?

Here are several tips you need to know about bank originated mortgage loans to avoid paying too much for your home loan.

Wells Fargo mortgage has earned a reputation similar to Countrywide as a predatory lender. They hook their customers with a free checking account and then sock it to with ridiculous fees and overpriced mortgage and investment accounts. Consumer watch groups like ACORN are constantly charging Wells Fargo with predatory lending especially with their home loans targeted to people with poor credit and home equity loan offerings.

Wells Fargo has even had their home office picketed on several occasions by consumer activists. As a former Wells Fargo Customer I can tell you that I recently switched my checking account to Bank of America and have never been happier. For checking and savings accounts you can’t beat B of A’s free accounts. But what about mortgage loans?

What’s Wrong With Bank Originated Mortgage Loans?

There’s plenty wrong with bank mortgage loans that your banker isn’t telling you. The biggest issue you need to be aware of is called Service Release Premium. Simply put this bank premium is the difference between the mortgage rate you could have had and the one the bank gives you. There are two types of mortgage rates out there today…wholesale rates offered by wholesale lenders and mortgage rates that have been marked up by banks and other mortgage companies for profit.

Another important distinction about banks…they aren’t legally required to play by the same rulebook as other mortgage companies and brokers. Banks are exempt from a very important law that protects homeowners from predatory lending practices called the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act (RESPA). The Banking Lobby spent millions of dollars bribing your elected officials (after all, that’s how Washington works now) to have the disclosure laws changed so that banks are not required to disclose their profit margin or markup on your loan. Mortgage brokers are now required to disclose their markup known as Yield Spread Premium on the Good Faith Estimate and HUD-1 Statement; however, banks are not required to comply with the same law.

With this in mind why would you even consider taking out a mortgage from a company that doesn’t have to play the rules? It’s not just Wells Fargo that uses this unfair practice to exploit homeowners; it’s every bank and credit union out there. Banks do this because they make the majority of their profit by selling their mortgage loans to investors. The bank knows that loans with above market interest rates bring them the most profits and this is how they run their businesses.

If you’re not yet convinced that bank originated mortgage loans are not the way to go, try comparing true wholesale rates offered by an honest mortgage broker to the rate sheets offered by your bank and you’ll see that Wells Fargo Mortgage is not the way to go when refinancing your home loan. If you’d like to learn more about refinancing your mortgage with a wholesale rate and finding an honest broker to help you, check out my Underground Mortgage Videos.

My free Underground Mortgage Refinancing Videos save the average homeowner $1,200 per year. Seriously, couldn’t you use that money back in your family’s budget every month?

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