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How to Get the World’s Best Home Loan

RefiAdvisor is is a technology-based system that tracks today’s best lenders so you can instantly see whose mortgage rate is lowest for a hassle-free experience.

You want to be comfortable making your mortgage payments every month confident that you got an awesome deal without paying unnecessary markup or junk fees.

That’s where I can help you.

This website and my free Underground Mortgage Videos show you how to cut thousands of dollars from your next home loan. Interested? Get started here:


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I save the average homeowner $1200 when refinancing and have the case studies to back that up. It’s your money… start taking it back today!

  • Mortgage Refinancing Made Quick & Easy

Why RefiAdvisor?

Our mission is simple: make your mortgage rate shopping simple, fair and fun.

We do this by analyzing the most accurate, timely and comprehensive mortgage rate information available from a variety of lenders and make it understandable and free for everyone. This kind of information isn’t readily available anywhere else and allows you to quickly find the best mortgage rates without unnecessary fees or points.

The result: you have a guide that helps you find low rates and trustworthy offers that get you the best deal available by avoiding unnecessary markup and fees.

While real-time mortgage rate information is essential, we know that it isn’t the only thing that matters when refinancing your mortgage. The fees you pay at closing make or break the deal you’re getting and while it’s possible to roll these fees into the amount you’re refinancing, who wants to lose equity in their home? We’ve partnered with a national network of lenders who share the belief that truth, transparency and fairness are the foundation of a great refinancing experience.

At Refiadvisor we’re dedicated to removing the smoke and mirrors form the mortgage refinancing process to make it fair and simple. It’s a mission we’ve been on since 2005 and you’ll see that our results speak for themselves.

You Will Find:

  • A collection of my Underground Mortgage Videos on how to refinance without overpaying. You can watch the video recordings at your convenience on your PC or Mac.
  • A repository of useful mortgage articles for any homeowner. These articles will help you with all aspects of refinancing without junk fees or hidden markup.
  • Fresh content is added regularly including mortgage lender and broker reviews, how-to instructional articles and videos dealing with current hot topics like the broker origination fee, discount points, closing costs, as well as news and insights from the mortgage industry.

My Underground Mortgage Videos are part of a unique six-part blueprint that show you how to refinance your home loan without costly hidden markup of your mortgage rate or lender junk fees.

The strategies you learn here will literally save you thousands of dollars every year that you’re paying on your home loan. All materials found on this website are free; however, registration is required for the Underground Mortgage Videos as they are password protected.

Who Is Robert Regehr?

Robert RegehrMy name is Robert Regehr and I’m a personal finance blogger with a chip on my shoulder for lenders that take advantage of my friends and neighbors.

In 2005 I had my mortgage refi go horribly wrong with a bad broker and six months later RefiAdvisor was born.

I’m the guy who got burned by a dirty broker and decided to do something about it. This blog and my Underground Mortgage Videos are my way of helping my friends and neighbors avoid the same mistakes. With the help of a close friend and retired mortgage banker, I expose every dirty secret up your mortgage lender’s sleeve.

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